On Time Emergency Towing Services in Oceanside

Towing Eagles aims to be the go-to and top-of-mind towing company of Oceanside residents when it comes to emergency towing services. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long (including all non-working holidays), our company is dedicated to serve the local community of Oceanside to the best of its ability.

30-Minute Arrival Time Policy

When we say that our crew can and do arrive in a customer’s location within 30 minutes upon receiving a call, we make sure to deliver on it. Our service men and women have never been late to conduct a service operation, and that’s something our previous customers can attest to. We orient our team about the importance of coming on time, and how, in the case of emergencies, the lives of people may sometimes depend on it. Every time we receive a distress call we work hard to make sure that the right teams are dispatched to the right locations so everything goes well and according to plan.

Lastly, our teams don’t use petty excuses like ‘inclement weather’ or ‘unfamiliar location’ simply because they don’t need to.

Locally Owned, Locally Operated

Since we’re locally owned and operated, it is natural for us to care about the Oceanside community  and feel like we’re providing services to family, friends, and neighbors. In actuality, we are. It’s hard for us not to form strong bonds with the people we share our community with.

Since we’re all Oceanside locals, we know our city by heart. We know the ins and outs, alternative routes and back roads, necessary detours we have to take in case of road blocks and road repairs, and we all know the schedules of repairs by heart so we know exactly what to avoid.

Professional Services Guaranteed

Our dedicated team of men and women have gone through rigorous screening processes like written and practical exams, interviews, background checks, and skills assessment just so we’d know that they’re a perfect fit for our team. Even after they’ve been accepted to our company they still undergo regular trainings and seminars to make sure that they improve on their skill sets. That’s how dedicated they are to doing the job right, and more importantly, to providing the best services imaginable to the Oceanside community. We know that all of them have a heart for service and we can assure you of their dedication—some of our people sometimes have to work 10 to 12 hour shifts just to get the job done. And most of our operations are time pressured. In high pressure emergency situations, we train them to stay calm and think quickly on their feet.

Our Emergency Towing Services Include:

  • battery jumpstart and replacement services
  • car lockout solutions
  • flat tire replacement/change (provided customer has spare)
  • accident towing
  • winching
  • extrication/accident recovery services
  • flatbed towing
  • wheel lift towing
  • car breakdown solutions

Call Us Now!

For more information about our services, call us now! Our customer service representatives would be glad to walk you through the entire emergency towing service process. You may also ask them about details pertinent to your vehicle as well as the towing service that is best suited to your vehicle.

If you’ve recently availed of our emergency towing services, we encourage you to give a testimonial or review of them! You may either call us or leave a message on our website using your name and email address. Any form of feedback is duly appreciated.

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